Therapeutic Bodywork

Therapeutic bodywork has the ability to:



1) Alleviate Pain and Stress

2) Diminish Premenstrual Symptoms

3) Improve Circulation, Muscle Tone, Flexibility, Strength, Stamina, Memory, Concentration, and Creativity

4) Increase Range of Motion in Restricted Joints

5) Support Effective Digestion and Breathing


Clients choose therapeutic bodywork to help alleviate and possibly eliminate causes and/or symptoms associated with various conditions such as, but not limited to:


* Chronic and/or Recently On-set Pain

* Restricted Range of Motion in Joints

* Stress and Tension-Related Problems

* Migraine or Tension Headaches

* Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

* Motor-Coordination Impairments

* Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Syndrome

* Central Nervous System Disorders

* Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries

* Painful Scars

* Sciatica

* Infantile Disorders

* Learning Disabilities

* Emotional Difficulties

* Autism

* Scoliosis

* Fibromyalgia


Power of LIfe therapists embrace the concept that we are the facilitators of our clients' healing processes. Thus, as we work, we hold the intention of creating a healing space within and around our clients such that the body-mind can release energy, in whatever form, that is no longer needed and take in energy required for healing and balancing. Therapists use one or more specialized therapeutic modalities to create the healing space within and around our clients. The selection of modalities depends upon the client's condition and/or request. Click on the therapeutic modalities below to see a brief description of each.