Relaxation Massage

During a Power of Life relaxation massage, the client experiences a combination of massage modalities in a tranquil environment designed to:



1) Reduce Stress and Anxiety

2) Ease Muscle Tension and Soreness

3) Create a Sense of Calm and Repose


Power of Life offers two options for relaxation massages, Swedish and Hot Stones.


Swedish Massage

Swedish massage combines gliding, kneading, friction, vibration, and percussion to bring clients into a blissful state of relaxation. Treatment also can include aromatherapy. Clients communicate with their therapists to control the depth and intensity of their massage. We customize the application of force during each massage to meet the level of intensity that a client wants overall and/or for a particular area.


Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone massage uses heated basalt stones of varying sizes applied directly to the body to ease muscle tension and create a sense of deep relaxation. Hot Stone massage usually includes some aromatherapy. The energy of the stones, the heat they provide, and the aroma of the essential oil allow a state of relaxation unsurpassed by other relaxation modalities. Many clients who experience hot stone massages choose hot stones as their preferred modality regardless of time of year, while others tend to choose hot stones as their winter modality.


As with any good massage, relaxation massages will provide therapeutic benefits other than relaxation. However, the therapist's intent during a relaxation massage is to employ non-sexual massage techniques that typically result in a relaxation response from the client. Clients that want particular pain and/or discomfort addressed, whether chronic or recent, should request a therapeutic massage.