Classical Yoga

Yoga comprises a 5,000 year old healing system of theory and practice, which combines breathing exercises (pranayama), physical exercises or poses (asanas), and meditation. Yoga has proven particularly beneficial for people with certain health conditions, including heart disease/hypertension, asthma, and back problems.

"For people with heart problems, studies have shown yoga to help people young and old. Specifically, yoga seems to promote heart health in several ways, including regulating high blood pressure and improving resistance to psychological stress. Yoga also has the potential to buffer against the harmful effects of bodily self-objectification as well as to promote embodiment and well-being.

"For people with back problems, studies have shown yoga helps physically with strength, flexibility and endurance. Yoga also helps create relaxation through the breathing and meditation techniques employed, which has been shown to help people better proactively manage a chronic pain problem like back pain." (Wikipedia: Yoga (alternative medicine) and Yoga (as exercise))

"Yoga has also been used successfully as an adjunctive therapy for asthma, migraine and cancer. A regular yoga practice has been able to improve the life of people suffering from diabetes by lowering their sugar level." (


Benefits of Classical Yoga

1) Reduces body fat, stress, and tension

2) Creates sense of well-being and calm and boosts self-esteem

3) Alleviates indigestion, constipation, menstrual problems, and
varicose veins

4) Improves circulation, muscle tone, flexibility, strength, stamina, concentration, memory, creativity, and breath capacity