Integrated Bodywork

What is Integrated Bodywork?

The phrase Integrated Bodywork captures the idea of combining two or more bodywork modalities into a single program or session to optimize the benefits to the client. For instance, your bodywork therapist might use hot stones together with Myofascial Release Therapy or combine Thai massage techniques and CranioSacral therapy together during therapeutic bodywork. Muscle Activation Technique (MAT) or Touch for Health energy work likely will accompany exercise therapy from a program perspective and find its way into most hands-on, therapeutic bodywork sessions. The following services are available for integration into a personalized wellness program.


a) Relaxation Massage

b) Therapeutic Bodywork

c) Classical Yoga

d) Exercise Therapy


Why Integrated Bodywork?

The dictionary defines stress as "a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances." Power of Life services help clients alleviate stress through lifestyle changes and goal attainment. We work with clients to set goals suited to their particular circumstances and to establish and maintain a lifestyle suited to their goals. By integrating various services, clients maximize achieving their overall lifestyle goals.



Benefits of Integrated Bodywork


1) Live a healthy, balanced, enjoyable, purposeful life

2) Prevent injury

3) Correct postural imbalances

4) Establish neuromuscular stability and balance

5) Create sense of well-being and calm and boost self-esteem

6) Decrease tension, blood pressure, anxiety, and body fat

7) Build core strength and lean muscle mass

8) Enhance circulation, endurance, muscle tone, flexibility, memory, concentration, power, strength, digestion, and breath capacity